Sufi Teaching Story: Neem the Half Boy by Idries Shah

Sufi Teaching Story: Neem the Half Boy by Idries Shah

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    Because the queen of Hich-Hich fails to follow the precise instructions given to her by Arif the wise nan, she gives birth to a half-boy. This unusual and memorable tale about an incomplete boy will fascinate young readers and will encourage them to think about just what it means to be “a complete person.” That Neem is able to make himself complete by an act of cleverness, negotiation, and compromise teaches children more than the expected, usual lesson of bravery.

    This enchanting tale of Prince Neem, the king and queen of Hich-Hich, Arif the wise man, fairies and a fire-breathing dragon is marvelously and magically illustrated by Midori Mori and Robert Revels.

    Ages 3-8

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