Stuart Hameroff: Consciousness is more than Computation

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  • December 30, 2013
Stuart Hameroff: Consciousness is more than Computation

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    Is consciousness an epiphenomenal happenstance of this particular universe? Or does the very concept of a universe depend upon its presence? Does consciousness merely perceive reality, or does reality depend upon it? Did consciousness simply emerge as an effect of evolution? Or was it, in some sense, always “out there” in the world? These questions and more, are addressed in this special edition.


    Cosmological Foundations of Consciousness
    Origins of Thought
    Evolution of Consciousness
    Neuroscience of Free Will
    Quantum Physics & Consciousness
    Out-of-Body and Near Death Experiences
    Dreams & Hallucinations
    Paleolithic Cosmology & Spirituality
    Self-Consciousness in Apes, Dolphins, Cephalopods, Machines
    Consciousness in Extra-Terrestrials Sexual Consciousness
    How Consciousness Becomes the Physical Universe

    Over 70 Consciousness Raising Articles By:
    Henry P. Stapp, Deepak Chopra, Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Brandon Carter, Michael Persinger, Walter Freeman, Howard Shevrin, Arnold Trehub, Bruce MacLennan, GianCarlo Ghirardi, Don Page, Shan Gao, Gordon Globus, Fred Kuttner, Bruce Rosenblum, Etzel Cardena, Larry Dossey, Bruce Greyson, Roger Nelson, Rudolph Tanzi, Ernesto Di Mauro, Michael Nauenberg, Thomas Suddendorf, Lori Marino, Andrea E. Cavanna, Ian Tattersall, Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis, Bruce Greyson, Milford H. Wolpoff, Edgar Mitchell, Thomas H. Huxley, Rene Descartes, Williams James, and many more.

    This Text Is Divided into 13 Sections with nearly 70 Chapters

    Section I. Cosmology of Consciousness

    Section II. Brain and Mind

    Section III. What is Consciousness

    Section IV. Consciousness and Thought

    Section V. Remote Consciousness

    Section VI. Self-Consciousness – Dissociated, Shared, Near Death Consciousness

    Section VII. Dreams, Hallucinations & Altered States of Consciousness

    Section VIII. Origins & Evolution of Consciousness

    Section IX. Paleolithic Consciousness: Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon, Spirituality, Sexuality

    Section X. Animal and Artificial Consciousness

    Section XI. Quantum Physics and Consciousness

    Section XII. Consciousness and ExtraTerrestrials

    Section XIII. Consciousness and the Universe

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